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Funding Success

Here are some recent examples of how we were able to help our clients.

Secured $500,000 in working capital over 5 years for a manufacturing company looking to purchase inventory and working capital to help with their cash flow.

Cornerstone Capital provided working capital funding for a construction company in the amount of $44,500 using customer's equipment as collateral. We were able to provide 36 month term based on a one page credit application. Turn around time was 4 days.

Provided funding for a towing company looking to purchase a car carrier for $125,000. We had a competing lending institution that was referred to the customer by the dealer and they are known to be very competitive in the market place. However we were able to win the transition by providing the lowest payment to the customer.

Provided funding for a car wash equipment in the amount of $465,000 for a dealership looking to open up a car was next to their location.  Our competitors were offering 3 year term with a significant down payment.  We were able to structure it with only 1st and last payment over 72 months.

Technology company had a short term cash advance loan with a balance of $500,000 that was structured over 12 month term.  Customer didn't realize when he took out the advance how much of a burden it would have on their cash-flow.  We were able to refinance it over 5 years and reducing their payment from $40,000 to $11,000 per month.

Provided funding for a customer in Hawaii in securing funding for large containers in the amount of $50,000.  We were also able to cover 100% of freight, fees and tax.

Provided refinancing and additional working capital funding for a Auto Detail shop in New Hampshire.  They had a cash advance with a balance of $70,000 and needed an additional $80,000 for marketing and to purchase inventory.  We were able to provide total funding of $150,000 within 5 business days.

Provided funding for an oil extraction equipment in the amount of $343,000 for a new start up company in the cannabis industry.

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