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Equipment Financing

Cornerstone Capital is a full service financing company for Equipment Financing & Leasing.  Our focus is to provide our clients with the most creative, flexible financing options with the best rates.  Our mission statement is to put our clients best interest first ahead of our company's profits.  

We control the entire process from transaction negotiation (term, payment amount, etc.), credit and financial analysis, through execution of documentation and funding. Our management staff are well versed in streamlining the transaction process and has a long history of dealing openly and fairly with our customers and vendors.  We are committed to meeting customer needs, to exceed customer expectations, and to earn our client's trust and build a lasting relationship.


Program Highlights:

•   Application only up to $250,000 (no tax returns or financial information)

   Commercial programs up to $10,000,000 (full financial disclosure)
   Corporation Only Transactions (no personal guarantee)
   Seasonal Payment Structure (special program for businesses with seasonal cash-flow)
   Deferred Payment Programs (3 to 6 months of $0 to minimum payments)
   100% Tax Deduction on each monthly payment (consult with your tax advisor)
   No Age Restrictions on Equipment

  Commercial Vehicle & Equipment

  We finance all industries


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